Maybe for adults, NOT for children

By palmettobug
Written March 05, 2011
Saw this movie tonight (Mar.4) and was truly disappointed. This is NOT your good ole' Toy Story scenario! This movie IS NOT a quality movie for children and it is unfortunate that many parents will take their children anyway!!!!!Plot and story liine are boring and too long and drawn out and there is too much cursing for children (a number of 'hell's and 'damn's ) along with a rattlesnake character horrifying enough to give kids nightmares for weeks. My spouse and I almost always go to animated movies when they come out, but we both agree that Rango is one of the worst, if not the worst , animated movie we've ever seen. I''ve never written a movie review but I care enough for children to at least try to warn parents about this movie. I read all the good reviews before we went to the movie this evening and thought we'd be seeing a good movie. Goes to show you can't believe all you read.
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We love Johnny Depp!

By MamieRichman
Written March 04, 2011
The kids and I just loved this one. Highly entertaining with witty humor. Johnny Depp really pulled the role! If you havent seen you can watch at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .**
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Parents don't do it!

By Fort McKinney
Written March 06, 2011
This movie was absolutely horrendous for any child or adult to watch. The entire theme of the movie revolves around death. Three owls sing about death throughout the movie, there are remarks about he's a witch, lets burn him. You will see nooses throughout the movie, and hear characters talking about hanging. There is also tobacco use and alcohol throughout the movie. The adult humor is way to over the top. In the beginning of the movie Rango is talking to the top half of a naked barbie, and he asks, "are those real", referring to her breasts. There is a line about thespians, but it's suppose to mean lesbians. Rango is wearing a dress and falls on someone riding a horse, and the person says, " I thought we were going to have a good time." As bad as the above is, what made my family walk out of the movie is when a snake said, "I will drag you straight down to hell".
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I hope this is NOT how the west was won

By cheekychelton
Written March 08, 2011
Unfunny, not clever, not witty, not dramatic, not heartwarming, just a supremely talented cast of actors with a very bad script. As animated movies are one of my favorites, I was extremely disappointed. Neither silly enough for kids or intelligent enough for adults. Johnny Depp, Alfred Molina among my favorite actors can't save this stinker. The story is extremely stretched, a wanna be actor lizard, finds himself in the real desert in a town with a corrupt mayor who is hoarding all the water, becomes a pretend hero (through his acting) only to find himself promoted to a real sheriff to find out why there is no water. Found out to be a fraud, finds courage, saves town, THE END. Not even 1 smirk throughout. Save your money and buy a gallon of gas.
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Not appropriate for Children

By sac011003
Written March 07, 2011
The movie started out way to slow, this is a movie that I kept checking my watch to see if it was almost time to be over, I also fell asleep during the movie. I was awake long enough to hear the snake in the movie tell one of the other characters to "sign the damn papers" and her response was to "Go to Hell". My daughter is 8 years old, this is language she should not hear and in childs movie. There is no reason for this at all. I woudl not reccomend you taking a child under the age of 11 or 12 to see this movie.
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