Randy Hall
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1960

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Vladimir Mashkov Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
2011 Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
2007 Scott Glenn Freedom Writers
2007 Patrick Dempsey Freedom Writers
2007 Hilary Swank Freedom Writers
2002 Quentin Tarantino Alias: The Box, Part 1
2002 Patricia Wettig Alias: The Box, Part 1
1996 Michael Imperioli Last Man Standing
1996 Michael Lerner Last Man Standing
1996 Bruce Dern Last Man Standing
1996 Christopher Walken Last Man Standing
1996 Bruce Willis Last Man Standing
1996 William Sanderson Last Man Standing
1994 Gregory Sierra A Low Down Dirty Shame
1994 Keenen Ivory Wayans A Low Down Dirty Shame
1994 Jada Pinkett Smith A Low Down Dirty Shame
1994 Charles S. Dutton A Low Down Dirty Shame
1994 Gregory Hines Renaissance Man
1994 Cliff Robertson Renaissance Man
1994 Ed Begley, Jr. Renaissance Man
1994 Danny DeVito Renaissance Man
1994 Mark Wahlberg Renaissance Man
1994 William Sanderson Wagons East!
1994 John C. McGinley Wagons East!
1994 John Candy Wagons East!
1994 Robert Picardo Wagons East!
1994 Ed Lauter Wagons East!
1991 J.D. Cullum Ambition
1991 Clancy Brown Ambition
1991 Lou Diamond Phillips Ambition
1991 Dr. Haing S. Ngor Ambition
1990 Gregory Hines Eve of Destruction
1990 Kevin McCarthy Eve of Destruction
1990 Renée Soutendijk Eve of Destruction
1990 Charlie Sheen Navy SEALs
1990 Rick Rossovich Navy SEALs
1990 Joanne Whalley Navy SEALs
1990 Michael Biehn Navy SEALs
1990 Bill Paxton Navy SEALs
1990 Dennis Haysbert Navy SEALs
1986 Wilford Brimley American Justice
1986 Vanity Never Too Young to Die
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