Rand Harper

Worked With

Year Name Title
1958 Dub Taylor Auntie Mame
1958 Lee Patrick Auntie Mame
1958 Patric Knowles Auntie Mame
1958 Rosalind Russell Auntie Mame
1958 Ruth Warren Auntie Mame
1958 Forrest Tucker Auntie Mame
1958 Roger Smith Auntie Mame
1958 Henry Brandon Auntie Mame
1958 Joanna Barnes Auntie Mame
1958 Pippa Scott Auntie Mame
1958 Coral Browne Auntie Mame
1958 Margaret Dumont Auntie Mame
1958 Fred Clark Auntie Mame
1958 Robert Armstrong Perry Mason: The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant
1958 John Dehner Perry Mason: The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant
1958 George E. Stone Perry Mason: The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant
1957 Brian G. Hutton Fear Strikes Out
1957 Karl Malden Fear Strikes Out
1957 Don McGuire Fear Strikes Out
1957 Anthony Perkins Fear Strikes Out
1957 Cecil Kellaway Johnny Trouble
1957 Ethel Barrymore Johnny Trouble
1957 Jesse White Johnny Trouble
1957 Stuart Whitman Johnny Trouble
1957 Carolyn Jones Johnny Trouble
1954 Grace Kelly Rear Window
1954 Wendell Corey Rear Window
1954 Eddie Parker Rear Window
1954 James Stewart Rear Window
1954 Thelma Ritter Rear Window
1954 Bess Flowers Rear Window
1954 Fred Graham Rear Window
1954 Raymond Burr Rear Window
1954 Nancy Kulp Sabrina
1954 Humphrey Bogart Sabrina
1954 Francis X. Bushman Sabrina
1954 Marion Ross Sabrina
1954 William Holden Sabrina
1954 Audrey Hepburn Sabrina
1954 Paul Harvey Sabrina
1954 Walter Hampden Sabrina
1954 Martha Hyer Sabrina
1954 Marcel Dalio Sabrina
1954 Ellen Corby Sabrina
1953 Walter Reed Forever Female
1953 Marion Ross Forever Female
1953 William Holden Forever Female
1953 Paul Douglas Forever Female
1953 Ginger Rogers Forever Female
1953 Josephine Whittell Forever Female
1953 George Reeves Forever Female
1953 Jesse White Forever Female
1953 James Gleason Forever Female
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