Rampart - Good acting but little else

By sld007
Written February 26, 2012
Woody was great, as was Anne Heche, Ice Cube, etc. but the plot was nonexistent and the ending made no sense. Might of helped if I had dropped acid because who ever directed this film was most assuredly high when he/she put it together. JUST PLAIN WEIRD!!!
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Wait till DVD!

By DanesFandango
Written March 18, 2012
I wouldn't go see this in the theater and I would probably hesitate renting it later. The movie was not very good. I was disappointed and it had an all star cast which disappointed me even farther. The ending was perhaps the weakest part, kind of a fill in the blank on your own??? Woody Harrelson was extremely good in the movie, a good acting job but the movie itself could've and should've been a WHOLE lot better.
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Compelling Performance, Good Watch

By North Alabama
Written March 23, 2012
Woody Harrelson gives an outstanding performance of a dirty cop who has no regrets, until he has regrets, and, of course, it's too late. The story moves along, so it isn't boring, and the rest of the cast shows up to the challenge. It's not the break out hit of the spring, but it's definitely worth a view.
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By Peneflix
Written June 19, 2012
Woody Harrelson, as "Date Rape Dave" gives an exhilarating performance as a cop gone rogue; playing by his own rules in 1999 Los Angeles (reminiscent of the 1991 Rodney King brutal beating by Los Angeles police officers). Dave is living in a world that, because of cell phones, instant videoing, is plummeting into the archaic. He has been married twice to sisters, (Cynthia Nixon, Anne Heche) fathering a daughter with each; residing in a guest house, their stifling proximity breeding toxicity... "Rampart" is negligent in answering salient questions; serves an above- average entree, sans dessert, leaving a residual of an unsatisfying, unappetizing "cop out". TWO & 1/2 STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix.com
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This movie sucked

By ray340
Written April 03, 2012
I would not recommend anyone wasting a dime to see this movie, it really sucked. Should of gotten my money back.
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