Rampart Synopsis
A veteran cop (Woody Harrelson) asserts his own code of justice on the streets.
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Rampart - Good acting but little else

By sld007
Woody was great, as was Anne Heche, Ice Cube, etc. but the plot was nonexistent and the ending made no sense. Might of helped if I had dropped acid because who ever directed this film was most...

Wait till DVD!

By DanesFandango
I wouldn't go see this in the theater and I would probably hesitate renting it later. The movie was not very good. I was disappointed and it had an all star cast which disappointed me even farther....

This movie sucked

By ray340
I would not recommend anyone wasting a dime to see this movie, it really sucked. Should of gotten my money back....

Compelling Performance, Good Watch

By North Alabama
Woody Harrelson gives an outstanding performance of a dirty cop who has no regrets, until he has regrets, and, of course, it's too late. The story moves along, so it isn't boring, and the rest of...


By Peneflix
Woody Harrelson, as "Date Rape Dave" gives an exhilarating performance as a cop gone rogue; playing by his own rules in 1999 Los Angeles (reminiscent of the 1991 Rodney King brutal beating by Los...


By Bonamigo
worthless movie that went on to long, boring, and ended when the producers ran out of money. Defiantly not worth the money. What a rip off!...

Bad Lieutenant II

By Baah Ben
If you saw the movie with Harvey Keitel, this one is very, very similar. Bad cop gets worse and worse. The plot is thin, but Woody is excellent. If you like him, I sday it's worth the $7 and two...

The acting was great, but...

By frann226
This movie is very disturbing. The writer threw a little too much into the movie which took away from the plot. I mean did his ex-wives have to be sisters and live next door? This just took away from...

Woody Harrelson At His Best...

By Dennis in Oregon
This is an excellent film. Woody Harrelson, often uinderestimated by critics, provides a strong, memorable performance....

Rampart Rules

By Steviec54
Really liked the movie. Woody Harrelson was money. Starts out well and then kind of gets lost but no big deal. Worth the price of an evening flick. Harrelson should get some kind of award for his...

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Rated R | For pervasive language, sexual content and some violence
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Common Sense Media says Dark, intense drama about violent, corrupt cop.
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