Ramon Franco
Birth Place:
Caguas, Puerto Rico

Worked With

Year Name Title
2008 Tracey Walter The Perfect Game
2008 Cheech Marin The Perfect Game
2008 Frances Fisher The Perfect Game
2008 Louis Gossett, Jr. The Perfect Game
1996 Jason Bernard Murder, She Wrote: Death Goes Double Platinum
1994 David McCallum Shattered Image
1994 John Savage Shattered Image
1994 Bo Derek Shattered Image
1994 Dorian Harewood Shattered Image
1993 Bernie Casey Street Knight
1992 Conchata Ferrell Chains of Gold
1992 Marilu Henner Chains of Gold
1992 John Travolta Chains of Gold
1992 Benjamin Bratt Chains of Gold
1992 Bernie Casey Chains of Gold
1992 Hector Elizondo Chains of Gold
1991 Julie Carmen Kiss Me a Killer
1989 Carl Weathers Tour of Duty: Season 03
1989 Kim Delaney Tour of Duty: Season 03
1988 Lincoln Kilpatrick Bulletproof
1988 R.G. Armstrong Bulletproof
1988 Darlanne Fluegel Bulletproof
1988 William Smith Bulletproof
1988 Henry Silva Bulletproof
1988 L.Q. Jones Bulletproof
1988 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Bulletproof
1988 Rene Enriquez Bulletproof
1988 Gary Busey Bulletproof
1988 Kim Delaney Tour of Duty: Season 02
1986 Moses Gunn Heartbreak Ridge
1986 Clint Eastwood Heartbreak Ridge
1986 Marsha Mason Heartbreak Ridge
1986 Bo Svenson Heartbreak Ridge
1986 Mario Van Peebles Heartbreak Ridge
1986 Eileen Heckart Heartbreak Ridge
1983 Lincoln Kilpatrick Deadly Force
1983 Paul Benjamin Deadly Force
1983 Wings Hauser Deadly Force
1983 Estelle Getty Deadly Force
1980 Brenda Vaccaro The First Deadly Sin
1980 Frank Sinatra The First Deadly Sin
1980 Bruce Willis The First Deadly Sin
1980 James Whitmore The First Deadly Sin
1980 Anthony Zerbe The First Deadly Sin
1980 Faye Dunaway The First Deadly Sin
1980 David Dukes The First Deadly Sin
1980 Trini Alvarado Times Square
1980 David Margulies Times Square
1980 Elizabeth Peña Times Square
1980 Tim Curry Times Square
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