Ramona and Beezus Synopsis
Brings to life the adventures of young Ramona Quimby from the best-selling books.
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Five Word Review

By elybaby1
little and big sisters watch...


By timmyte93
The movie was just great if you are very emotional like I am this movie will just make you release all of your emotions all in one movie. Everyone did an excellent job and the movie sure was...

Ramona and Beezus

By frekygirle
I loved this movie! Very clever, the little girl that played Ramona was hilarious, and the supporting cast was amazing! Loved it!...

Ramona and Beezus

By Shawnii
What a great movie it was so much better then i expected...

Excellent, but surprisingly sad

By carleedr
The characters of Ramona, Beezus and their family and friends are perfectly captured in this delightful, laugh out loud movie. However, I took my 4 and 8 year old daughters, and end up consoling them...

sweet little movie

By diet pepsi
well i watched this movie with my little sister and i thought it was a pretty sweet little movie actualy just be careful with some sencitive subjects like there is a part where the family pet dies ...

Cute story

By dg9008
To be honest, I have never read the books. I went to see it because my girlfriend did and wanted me to go see it with her. At first I had my doubts about the movie and thought it was going to be all...

Much better than I thought it would be!

By Jen_Smith
I didn't think it would be that good. The trailers did not give too much of the story away. It was real life drama that most girls can relate to. I could relate to the main character even though I...

By Malia999

Great Movie for Children AND Adults

By abfab
I think I read all of the Beverely Cleary books as a child. I loved them. I wasn't sure what to expect from the movie. It was pretty good. My daughter liked it so much she has asked to see it...

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Common Sense Media says Beloved book girl comes to life in sweet, kid-friendly tale.
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