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For Parents



By pdiamond917
Written August 21, 2014
Way too much Gun violence! Not appropriate for children and especially when you are trying to teach them the dangers of a gun. The guns took away from Ram-Leela's love story.
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By plodaya147
Written July 28, 2014
Very nice movie. First half is OK, but music, dances and colors are amazing. Movie picks up in second half. Second half of the movie is simply superb.
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Well what can I say...

By jbloggs
Written November 17, 2013
It has great music/songs, great location, great cinematography, but unfortunately it's a rehash of the same old story done many times incuding recently in Ishaqzaade. Also it's unnecessarily looooooooooooooong.
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Ram-Leela is worth seeing

By rnsba8
Written December 25, 2014
Amazing performances by Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Good acting by the supporting cast, too. Powerful message about the uselessness and utter waste of violence and enmity in the face of love and humanity.
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Advil kind of movie

By deccandude
Written February 01, 2015
The most boring, senseless plot thats guaranteed to give you a headache and wish-you-had-seen-some-other-movie kind of feeling. One of the worst movies that mad eme run for an advil even before the movie ended. Left three-fourth of the way.
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