Ram Leela Synopsis
When the two see each other for the first time, worlds collide, wars are fought and destinies are written in blood, forever.


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Excellent entertainment....Rated R + movie.

By ali2242ali
Beautiful, full of powerful entertainment. Songs and dances out of this world. Very hot bedroom scenes and adult language. The best part of the movie is its very loud and clear message of love and...

Sorry for Shakespeare, total murder of romeo and juliet

By jaydave71
Real bad movie made out of great play. Director totally confuse with westernization or east. Total waste of time and money. If we can ask for refund on movies this will be at top of the list....

An intense love story

By arteeseemangal
Yes it has violent parts but so did the actually Romeo and Juliet. I truly enjoyed this movie! The music. dances, costumes, set design and star performances were great!...

Ram Leela

By jagadishb88
Very disappointed with the movie.. Cheesy dialogues, unnecessary raunchy scenes, predictable screen play, crazy dance steps in songs (in fact one dance step in the intro song can only be described as...


By plodaya147
Very nice movie. First half is OK, but music, dances and colors are amazing. Movie picks up in second half. Second half of the movie is simply superb....


By pdiamond917
Way too much Gun violence! Not appropriate for children and especially when you are trying to teach them the dangers of a gun. The guns took away from Ram-Leela's love story....

Advil kind of movie

By deccandude
The most boring, senseless plot thats guaranteed to give you a headache and wish-you-had-seen-some-other-movie kind of feeling. One of the worst movies that mad eme run for an advil even before the...

Ram-Leela is worth seeing

By rnsba8
Amazing performances by Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Good acting by the supporting cast, too. Powerful message about the uselessness and utter waste of violence and enmity in the face of...

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By sbrarmd
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Glamorized version of Ishaqzade

By lieut_allen
Except Ranveer nothing was good, even the vibrant sets from Sanjay Leela Bansali failed to impress...

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Rated NR