Ram Gopal

Worked With

Year Name Title
1959 Kieron Moore Navy Heroes
1959 Anthony Newley Navy Heroes
1959 Greta Gynt Navy Heroes
1959 Mervyn Johns Navy Heroes
1955 Kieron Moore Blue Peter
1955 Greta Gynt Blue Peter
1955 Anthony Newley Blue Peter
1955 Mervyn Johns Blue Peter
1954 Bernard Lee The Purple Plain
1954 Gregory Peck The Purple Plain
1954 Brenda de Banzie The Purple Plain
1954 Maurice Denham The Purple Plain
1952 Jack Hawkins Outpost in Malaya
1952 Claudette Colbert Outpost in Malaya
1952 Victor Maddern Outpost in Malaya
1952 Don Sharp Outpost in Malaya
1952 Bill Travers Outpost in Malaya
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