Ralph Graves
Date of Birth
Jan 23, 1900
Birth Place:
Cleveland, OH

Worked With

Year Name Title
1949 Leonid Kinskey Alimony
1949 John Beal Alimony
1949 Harry Lauter Alimony
1949 William H. Ruhl Alimony
1949 Martha Vickers Alimony
1949 Hillary Brooke Alimony
1949 Douglas Dumbrille Alimony
1949 Lyle Talbot Batman and Robin [Serial]
1949 William Fawcett Batman and Robin [Serial]
1949 Douglas Fowley Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1949 Ian Wolfe Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1949 John Hart Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1949 Leon Errol Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1949 Douglas Dumbrille Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1949 Sheila Ryan Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1949 John Indrisano Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1939 Franklin Parker Eternally Yours
1939 ZaSu Pitts Eternally Yours
1939 Frank Jaquet Eternally Yours
1939 Edwin Stanley Eternally Yours
1939 C. Aubrey Smith Eternally Yours
1939 David Niven Eternally Yours
1939 Al Hill Eternally Yours
1939 Granville Bates Eternally Yours
1939 Billie Burke Eternally Yours
1939 Broderick Crawford Eternally Yours
1939 Leyland Hodgson Eternally Yours
1939 Hillary Brooke Eternally Yours
1939 Eve Arden Eternally Yours
1939 Tay Garnett Eternally Yours
1939 Billy Wayne Eternally Yours
1939 Virginia Field Eternally Yours
1939 Loretta Young Eternally Yours
1939 Mary Field Eternally Yours
1939 Raymond Walburn Eternally Yours
1939 Hugh Herbert Eternally Yours
1939 Preston S. Foster Street of Missing Men
1939 Wynne Gibson Street of Missing Men
1939 Charles Bickford Street of Missing Men
1939 Bruce Bennett Street of Missing Men
1939 Ann Dvorak Street of Missing Men
1939 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Street of Missing Men
1939 Douglas Fowley Street of Missing Men
1939 Harry Carey Street of Missing Men
1939 Regis Toomey Street of Missing Men
1939 Billy Curtis Three Texas Steers
1939 Roscoe Ates Three Texas Steers
1939 Ray "Crash" Corrigan Three Texas Steers
1939 John Wayne Three Texas Steers
1939 Ethan Laidlaw Three Texas Steers
1939 Ted Mapes Three Texas Steers
1939 David Sharpe Three Texas Steers
1939 Carole Landis Three Texas Steers
1939 Dave Willock Three Texas Steers
1939 Lew Kelly Three Texas Steers
1939 Max "Alibi" Terhune Three Texas Steers
1936 Clara Kimball Young The Black Coin [Serial]
1936 Yakima Canutt The Black Coin [Serial]
1936 Dave "Tex" O'Brien The Black Coin [Serial]
1936 Bryant Washburn The Black Coin [Serial]
1936 Harry "Snub" Pollard The Black Coin [Serial]
1936 William Desmond The Black Coin [Serial]
1936 Josef Swickard The Black Coin [Serial]
1936 Milburn Morante The Black Coin [Serial]
1935 Evelyn Brent Speed Limited
1935 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Speed Limited
1934 Lola Lane Ticket to Crime
1934 Lois Wilson Ticket to Crime
1934 Edward Earle Ticket to Crime
1934 Charles Ray Ticket to Crime
1932 Jackie Cooper Feller Needs a Friend
1932 Kane Richmond The Huddle
1932 Cliff Edwards The Huddle
1932 Madge Evans The Huddle
1932 Una Merkel The Huddle
1932 Conrad Nagel The Huddle
1932 Ramon Novarro The Huddle
1932 Lila Lee War Correspondent
1932 Jack Holt War Correspondent
1932 Jackie Cooper When a Feller Needs a Friend
1931 Jack Holt A Dangerous Affair
1931 Charles B. Middleton A Dangerous Affair
1931 Edward S. Brophy A Dangerous Affair
1931 Fay Wray Dirigible
1931 Clarence Muse Dirigible
1931 Jack Holt Dirigible
1931 Roscoe Karns Dirigible
1931 Hobart Bosworth Dirigible
1931 Helen Chandler Salvation Nell
1931 Sally O'Neil Salvation Nell
1930 Jack Holt Hell's Island
1930 Carl Stockdale Hell's Island
1930 Dorothy Sebastian Hell's Island
1930 Julie Compton Ladies of Leisure
1930 Charles Butterworth Ladies of Leisure
1930 Barbara Stanwyck Ladies of Leisure
1930 Lowell Sherman Ladies of Leisure
1930 Marie Prevost Ladies of Leisure
1930 Johnny Walker Ladies of Leisure
1929 Josef Swickard The Eternal Woman
1929 Julia Swayne Gordon The Eternal Woman
1929 Ruth Clifford The Eternal Woman
1929 Boris Karloff The Fatal Warning
1929 Phillips Smalley The Fatal Warning
1929 Lila Lee Flight
1929 Jack Holt Flight
1929 Ramon Novarro The Flying Feet
1929 Ramon Novarro The Flying Fleet
1929 Louise Beavers The Glad Rag Doll
1929 Dolores Costello The Glad Rag Doll
1929 Eve Arden The Song of Love
1928 James Finlayson Bachelor's Paradise
1928 Sally O'Neil Bachelor's Paradise
1928 Marie Prevost Sideshow
1928 Dorothy Revier Submarine
1928 Jack Holt Submarine
1928 Viola Dana That Certain Thing
1927 Jean Hersholt Alias the Deacon
1927 Myrtle Stedman Alias the Deacon
1927 Ned Sparks Alias the Deacon
1927 May McAvoy Reno Divorce
1927 Hedda Hopper Reno Divorce
1927 William Demarest Reno Divorce
1927 Shirley Mason Rich Men's Sons
1927 Johnny Walker The Swell-Head
1927 Tom Dugan The Swell-Head
1926 Noel Purcell Blarney
1926 Fred Kohler Country Beyond
1926 John Farrell MacDonald Country Beyond
1926 David Butler Womanpower
1924 Phillips Smalley Daughters of Today
1924 ZaSu Pitts Daughters of Today
1924 Patsy Ruth Miller Daughters of Today
1924 Lyn Harding Yolanda
1924 Gustav von Seyffertitz Yolanda
1924 Marion Davies Yolanda
1924 Leon Errol Yolanda
1923 Billy Bevan The Extra Girl
1923 Carl Stockdale The Extra Girl
1923 Vernon Dent The Extra Girl
1923 Mabel Normand The Extra Girl
1923 William Desmond The Extra Girl
1923 Bessie Love Ghost Patrol
1923 Larry Steers Mind over Motor
1923 Louise Dresser Prodigal Daughters
1923 Theodore Roberts Prodigal Daughters
1923 Gloria Swanson Prodigal Daughters
1922 Colleen Moore Come on Over
1922 John Farrell MacDonald Come on Over
1922 Matt Moore The Jilt
1922 Miriam Cooper Kindred of the Dust
1922 Henry B. Walthall The Long Chance
1921 Carol Dempster Dream Street
1921 Edward Peil Sr. Dream Street
1921 Tyrone Power, Sr. Dream Street
1920 Robert Harron The Greatest Question
1920 Carl Stockdale The Greatest Question
1920 Lillian Gish The Greatest Question
1920 Richard Barthelmess The Greatest Question
1920 George Siegmann Little Miss Rebellion
1920 Dorothy Gish Little Miss Rebellion
1920 Dorothy Gish Mary Ellen Comes to Town
1920 Clifton Webb Polly with a Past
1919 Anna Q. Nilsson Her Kingdom of Dreams
1919 Tully Marshall Her Kingdom of Dreams
1919 Wesley Barry Her Kingdom of Dreams
1919 Tom Santschi Her Kingdom of Dreams
1919 Kathlyn Williams Her Kingdom of Dreams
1919 Dorothy Gish I'll Get Him Yet
1919 Edward Peil Sr. I'll Get Him Yet
1919 Richard Barthelmess I'll Get Him Yet
1919 Rudolph Valentino Out of Luck
1919 Dorothy Gish Out of Luck
1919 Hoot Gibson Out of Luck
1919 Richard Barthelmess Scarlet Days
1919 Carol Dempster Scarlet Days
1919 Willard Louis What Am I Bid?
1919 Mae Murray What Am I Bid?
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