By lugubriousthespian
Written January 14, 2009
Second time out of the gate Joel & Ethan Cohen brought us this deliriously off-the-wall comedy masquerading as an absurdest art house film starring a still relatively unknown and underrated Holly Hunter and Nicholas Cage in two wallopingly funny performances as a married ex state trooper and ex con respectively who decide to kidnap 1/5 of a set of newly hatched quintuplets after discovering they cannot procreate themselves. After the millionaire dollar reward is set a torrent of hilarious set pieces race along the desert roads and vast barren landscapes of rural Arizona outfitted with a battalion of hysterical turns by many familiar faces who soon would become the Cohen Bros stable of actors: Frances McDormand, John Goodman and M. Emmet Walsh. The crazy chase scenes and visual gymnastics of the camera work here, not to mention the audacious visual style would also become a template for future Cohn creations. For one sublimely silly excursion - this one is hard to beat!!
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One of the greatest cult films ever

By robertskinner6178
Written June 18, 2016
Funny, bizarre, great acting! You'll never look at cold cereal the same way again...
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