• Released
  • September 7, 2012
  • (One-week Limited Engagement: 9/7 - 9/13)
  • PG , 1 hr 55 min
  • Action/Adventure

A True Classic Back on the Big Screen!

By pedsarq
Written September 09, 2012
No matter how big your home TV is, it's no IMAX screen! This movie comes alive on the big screen and is truly a wonderful moviegoing experience. I found this movie to be thrilling all over again, and I was truly amazed at how well it has held up. The story, the effects, and the acting is superb. This is one of those few films that will live on forever. I honestly believe that it's one of the 100 best films of all time, and I'd definitely place it fairly high on that list.
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Phenomenal Experience!

By kesseljunkie
Written September 13, 2012
It blows my mind that Paramount didn't promote this better. This was a phenomenal experience, and just a ridiculous amount of fun to see this in the theatre again. The sound mix is vastly improved and the picture quality was solid. Genuine laughter and enjoyment from the (sadly) sparse audience. A movie where, when you see it on the big screen, you "get" why it was so ridiculously popular.
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If you're a fan of Indiana Jones, treat yourself

By grrbach
Written September 12, 2012
If your an Indiana Jones fan, this is a must see. Sonically, this RofLA is steller. The soundstage is broad, the surround effect enveloping, but not overpowering, and the bass reenforcement is a huge improvement over the technology of the early 1980's, when the film was first released. Visually, it's an upgrade, but an uneven one. The opening scenes are murky. Colors & highlights are blown-out. Shadow detail is swallowed up into deep blacks. Also, there are some annoying rendering errors, which cause the image to sporadically blur & sharpen and framing to slightly shift. But once Indy leaves the South American jungles, the picture is, at its least, excellent, and, at its best, breathtaking. Not knowing that this theatrical release was imminent, I watched the DVD of RofLR a month ago—on an excellent home theater system, and I have to say that the $14 admission fee for an IMAX matinee was money well spent. Go see, and enjoy.
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Still my favoritet film of all time!!!

By tjagger
Written September 08, 2012
I first saw Raiders on the big screen when I was six years old and it instantly became my favorite movie...31 years later it still holds up and remains my all time favorite. IMAX LOOKED GREAT....with the exception of some grainy or blurry scenes....The sound was amazing too. I plan on checking out at least once more before its IMAX run is through!
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Nice, but probably better at home.

By n3bulous
Written September 09, 2012
It was nice to see on the big screen again, but the film wasn't updated for the IMAX experience. It was very grainy and really looked like the original 30 yr old reels.
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