Kung-fu mayhem

By Jimmy George Jones
Written March 31, 2012
If you're blood-thirsty for kung-fu action this movie will not disappoint. Plot is strong enough for this type of film to keep your interest. I'm not a big fan of the genre but from what I've seen in the past, the fight sequences from this movie leave everything else in the dust. Not a great date movie.
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Great Movie!!

By DragoNYC
Written March 27, 2012
This is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. The action and fight scenes were incredible (no wire work or shaky cam). The acting, character development and the story was excellent. I like the villain in the movie. he is from "I Saw the Devil" (can see on Net Flix great movie) he is real sadistic without overdoing it just a great actor. "I highly recommend this movie if you do not want to see the Hunger Games or if you saw this movie already, it is worth your time and money to watch this movie.
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By CryHavoc
Written March 24, 2012
Watched it and let me just say in 40 years of living The Raid is one of the greatest action movies I have ever seen IN MY LIFE!!!!! Ya'll don't hear me. ONE OF THE GREATEST ACTION MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! I plan on seeing it again this weekend. There's a henchman named Mad Dog that was no joke. Mad is the original refuse to loose, all go no quit, Energizer Bunny of ***kicking! Mad Dog is in the business of kicking ***and business, excuse me, bid'ness is booming! I could watch a whole movie just about Mad Dog breaking people off. His weapon of choice, his two mits! I loved this movie. I can't recommend it enough.
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The Raid - Redemption

By SeniorCACritic
Written April 02, 2012
This movie has to the be the among the best (if not at least tied for the best) fighting-action flic to date of all time. Unlike most movies of this genre, the hand-to-hand combat sequences are realistic, detailed and virtually non-stop throughout the entire show. Perhaps the only arguable-non-realistic item is that the hero seems almost indestructible. This is most certainly "must-see" film if you like action movies and exciting, non-stop hand-to-hand combat . One of the few that I plan to see at least one more time ... and buy the DVD!
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Very Cool!

Written April 13, 2012
As far as the acting goes I would rate it an 8/10, considering it's subtitled and purely action, they did a great job. I thought the director executed it quite well (8/10), not many special effects but these guys were so awesome they didn't need effects to carry the film. If you're a fan of Linkin Park or similar music you'll most likely love the soundtrack as I did (9/10). Cinematography was pretty amazing (9/10); very convincing and real with some interesting angles but overall provided the audience with a clear view of the action, not like the Bourne series. The story is cool and a little scary to think about (8/10), almost a zombie film really. I am 21 and would not recommend this to children under 16. It's probably the most violent movie I've seen since Snyder's Watchmen or 300...the camera does not shy away from the gore and violence. My overall score = 9/10. If you enjoy violence, Linkin Park, and martial arts then you should get a "kick" out of this one!
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