Radio Days review

By avckc
Written December 13, 2011
A very good-looking movie, but the attempt to tie together forgettable stories was worthwhile only for a few individual moments, and for the wonderful overall look of the movie. It was a shell of a movie.
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Classic Woody Allen

Written September 26, 2014
It's not surprise that Woody Allen is a great story teller, and comedian. In this movie he tells the exaggerated truth about his childhood, growing up in the 1940s. It's a funny film. It's a family film. It has some of the best writing ever for a script. Each scene focuses on that scene, and through out the movie, he keeps up with all the story lines; it never falls back. If you haven't seen it check your On Demand, or buy the DVD. After you see this you'll be a Woody Allen fan.
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