Rachel York
Date of Birth
Aug 07, 1971
Birth Place:
Orlando, FL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 Elijah Wood Happy Feet
2006 Robin Williams Happy Feet
2006 Hugh Jackman Happy Feet
2006 Hugo Weaving Happy Feet
2006 Nicole Kidman Happy Feet
2006 Anthony LaPaglia Happy Feet
2006 Miriam Margolyes Happy Feet
2004 Edie McClurg Higglytown Heroes [Animated TV Series]
2004 Jack Carter Justice League Unlimited: This Little Piggy
2004 Laraine Newman Justice League Unlimited: This Little Piggy
2003 Colin Farrell Kiss Me, Kate
2000 Gregory Harrison Au Pair II
2000 June Lockhart Au Pair II
2000 Jane Adams Frasier: To Thine Old Self Be True
2000 Saul Rubinek Frasier: To Thine Old Self Be True
2000 Tim Matheson Second Honeymoon
2000 Michael Nouri Second Honeymoon
2000 John Ritter Terror Tract
1999 Julie Andrews Victor/Victoria
1999 Michael Nouri Victor/Victoria
1999 Tony Roberts Victor/Victoria
1996 Holland Taylor One Fine Day
1996 Michelle Pfeiffer One Fine Day
1996 Amanda Peet One Fine Day
1996 George Clooney One Fine Day
1996 Charles Durning One Fine Day
1996 Robert Klein One Fine Day
1994 R.G. Armstrong Dead Center
1994 David Carradine Dead Center
1993 Peter Boyle Taking the Heat
1993 Lynn Whitfield Taking the Heat
1993 Will Patton Taking the Heat
1993 Alan Arkin Taking the Heat
1993 Tom Bell Taking the Heat
1993 Tony Goldwyn Taking the Heat
1993 George Segal Taking the Heat
1991 Moira Kelly Billy Bathgate
1991 Steven Hill Billy Bathgate
1991 Dustin Hoffman Billy Bathgate
1991 Nicole Kidman Billy Bathgate
1991 Stanley Tucci Billy Bathgate
1991 Bruce Willis Billy Bathgate
1991 Robert Kramer Billy Bathgate
1991 Steve Buscemi Billy Bathgate
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