rachel getting married

By travis bickle
Written October 14, 2008
a boring, pretentious, predictable film that adds nothing new to the genre. if you have seen betsy's wedding, monsoon wedding, or polish wedding then you have already seen this film. anne hathaway gives a fine performance as a former model who has arrived for her sister's wedding and almost ruins it. the standout performance is given by the father of the bride who makes you wonder what he must have done wrong to deserve the dysfunctional family he has. this is an overrated film that for some reason has gotten a great deal of oscar buzz. the director of this film has taken a major step back since he did the silence of the lambs. most of the movie is nothing more than a music video with a great deal of improvisation that ended up in the finished product. there is a reason why this film is hard to find and that is because it is something that a college student could have made.
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Family dynamics

By Igotothemoviesalot
Written November 04, 2008
Anne Hathaway is incredible as a junkie out of rehab to attend her sister's wedding. The cast is huge and eclectic, including Debra Winger and American Idol's Tamyra Gray. There is lots of drama and arguments but there is also lots of joy. At times too independent-film-looking, and if you don't mind the shaky camera style, this is a movie with much to say even if you think you've seen it before. The wedding itself confirms there is hope out there.
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rachel getting married

By archtop
Written November 05, 2008
Excellent movie !
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By luvmovie666
Written November 14, 2008
By far one of the worst movies of the twenty first century. The movement of the fillm toward the wedding was a poor reflection of someone coming out of rehab as Anne Hathaway did in the film. Save your money, because this movie is a sleeper. Hathaway does injustice to all who are addicted to substances and dealing with issues. Beware!!!!!!
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Wow, I can't believe I wasted 2 hours of my life watching this movie

By leadfoot63
Written November 10, 2008
I can find nothing good to say about this movie. It looked like something a couple of high school kids filmed with their Dad's video camera. I was disappointed from the beginning to the end.
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