Race 2 Synopsis
A man encounters the Indian mafia in Turkey as he carries out a mission to avenge his lover's death.
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Nothing Special

By mrinkenti
If you have seen RACE-1 [2008] you will not enjoy any aspect of this movie [story, action, songs, twists etc]. If you haven't seen RACE-1, even then this is movie has nothing special to offer. It...

Race 2 Rocks!!

By amit.darji
Everyone one is excellent in the movie. Songs are good. There is more action than the the first movie. Deepika is the hottest. There are a lot of twists in the movie. Worth watching it once in the...

Race 2

By estdim2888
This is a good movie! I am not too fond of action movies but I thought this was pretty good because it has good suspense kept you thinking of which character is on which side and what will happen...

Save your time

By aj_krish
Inane plot and really cheap dialogue. Lots of cleavage and great legs and an advertisement for Audi. That pretty much sums up this crappy movie. Bollywood has lots of money to waste our time. John...

it was good! go see it!! :)

By sbrarmd
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By Labird6
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By ibaig
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By nikhiam
One time watch...

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By pcandlite
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By roychowdhurykaushik
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