Raavan Synopsis
A bandit leader kidnaps the wife of the policeman who killed his sister, but later falls in love with her.
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Unbelieveable cinematography!

By jauane
I loved this movie! It had a little of everything.....absolutely stunning visuals, suspense, great music, and romance. Maybe those who didn't like it, can't read subtitles....

Five Word Review

By rohitw

Pretty Good Movie

By pulkitmalhotra
once a watch....!!!...

ok movie

By pwonders25
awesome sets & locations....good acting...but the storyline was not strong enough to keep engrossed for 2 hrs...was expecting much more from a Mani Ratnam film. I guess Ash- Abhi's offscreen...

Five Word Review

By vinnakota8
Married_Heroine Poor_Content Not_Interesting Weak_Dialogues No_comedy...

Five Word Review

By Photonic
Great: Images Acting Storytelling Soundtrack...

Satisfying Beautiful Enjoyable

By catsndogs
Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Can't wait to see it again, alas they will whisk it out of theaters soon. Very lucky to have caught this on the big screen. Not sure why so many viewers panned. We...

Mixed feeling about it

By zitamovies
Overall this movie didn't meet my expectations. Maybe I had higher expectations or this was really a bad job by Maniratnam and team. Not sure who to blame, but from the start there was lack of...

Pakau, flop and ****** movie

By kirtimandal
U actually need to have "DUS SAR" because 9 out 10 sar will have headache. The only things that are good in movie is Photography & Location. Abhishekh looks like laughing at his own acting. The story...

Worst movie I have ever watched!

By mayankminawat
Ashwarya looks ugly and old, abhishek doesn't fit into the role...someone with a more stronger voice would have fit his role better but overall the movie was really awful. I couldn't stand it 30 mins...

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Rated NR