RA. One 3D Synopsis
A video game designer creates the ultimate villain for a game and allows it to become self-aware.

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Los Angeles Times

By Kevin Thomas
Anubhav Sinha's exhilarating fantasy Ra.One is Bollywood at its best. It has energy, spectacle and humor, song and dance, but razzle-dazzle...
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By Andrew O'Hehir
If you're bored by the action scenes or the love story or the dopey domestic comedy, just wait three minutes for something else to come...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
This wildly entertaining Bollywood action-comedy, with Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan in two roles, pays homage to such '90s flicks as...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
You don't have to be an enthusiast of Bollywood to embrace RA.ONE, but it sure would help.
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The New York Times

By Rachel Saltz
If the storytelling disappoints (shocking!), the film mostly doesn't. It relies on action and effects and Bollywood's trump card, star...
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Much of the film is marked by a sense of dead air, owing to the fact that there's not a lot of story, but nevertheless, per Bollywood...
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Slant Magazine

By Simon Abrams
But all the charm in the world wouldn't make Ra.One's sanctimoniousness seem any more genuine.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

And yes, the super effects are fantastic. But overall, Ra.One fails to impress.
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Landmark Production

By atulmehta
SRK with Ra-One has taken Bollywood/ Indian Film Industry into a new era.. & he leads the pack by a good margin , thnx to Giant VFX leap taken here. As opposed to most recent Indian movies Ra-One...

Something new in Bollywood

By ssanyal
Nice and interesting. Somewhat different from regular stuff. Lateens was Hitesh in this movie. Never seen her like this before. Animation is good. Could have been better but can see it twice any day....

The amazing movie ''Ra.one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By zzqffs
I loved the movie! While I was watching the movie I was amazed by the action. I was very excited when I was about to watch the movie '' Ra.one''!! I was enthusiastic about the movie. The movie ''...


By arbitary
One of the biggest budget movies to come out of B'wood, this one is unfortunately one-dimensional. There is so much focus on special effects(which are spectacular) that all other aspects of the movie...

Ra One in 3-D...WICKED AWESOME!!

By janglibilli
Ra One - pet projec of star/producer Shah Rukh Khan - has had its share of ups and downs during the five years it took to make. The finished product is WICKED AWESOME - GROUNDBREAKING - CHANGING THE...

Not bad despite all the negative reviews

By abhaysanan
Went to see the movie with very low expectations but it tured out to be a pretty decent watch. The special effects is probably some of the best ever for an Indian movie and the acting was pretty...

So Hot!

By kitrinka500
Shah Rukh Khan is always a must see! Left the movie feeling very happy. Tons of great action and dance numbers! My kids (9 and 11) also loved it....

RA.One 3D Review

By mapadman
Shahrukh has tried to take a leaf out of the Endhiran success and has only marginally succeeded. Part of the first half was eminently forgetable and downright crass in some cases. The second half...

RA. One 3D

By nguptaca
I enjoyed it. Kids will have a blast. An attempt to get into the Superhero space from Bollywood. The cast does an excellent job in their respective roles. The kid is the show stealer. Sharukh as...

RA.One 3D

By Lisa_R
This film was fantastic, I went in with moderate expectations and was blown away. The special effects were amazing. The story was very heartwarming without being too mushy. Lots of action. The music...