Queen of Katwe Synopsis
A young girl from Uganda trains to become a world chess champion.
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Queen of Katwe

By panafricanfoodie
First film in ages, if ever, about Africa/Africans that does not star a white savior or wildlife. Great story, excellent casting, and beautifully shot. Even the pile of garbage with a pig rooting...


By psylocke72
My 12y.o. daughter asked to see this movie, which was an unusual choice for her. I was expecting to be a little bored since I lean more towards sci-fi and super heroes. This movie blew me away. ...

Can Anything Good Come out of Katwe

By LISlate
I loved this true story. Poor, Uneducated, and a Girl. Most people in her community thought that her only purpose in life was to service men. They didn't want her to even dream of a better life. ...

Beautiful story

By debbshere
This brought me to tears quite a few times but it was still a joyous story and well made. The inspiration that this child and all of the other chess champions have me desiring to learn the game. My...

A Wonderfully Courageous Story!

By skabak
We in the US have no idea what it is like to be poor in third world countries and to try to overcome that poverty with little or no opportunities. Here is a story of someone who had the help to do...

The Queen Reigns!

By tonedeafe
Best feel good movie I've seen in a long time! The cast was outstanding and the story was very uplifting. Sheroes come in all shapes and sizes. A great family movie with an outstanding choice of...

A slice of Uganda!

By MamaJojo
This movie does an excellent job of transporting us into the slums of Uganda. Even though it felt too long and was sometimes difficult to understand the actors, my family enjoyed this feel-good movie...

Take your kids

By pilgrimapril
Nice, heartwarming real story based on a girl who rises up from the slums of Katwe to become Uganda's chess champion. Lupita brought such dignity to her character. A must see....

Awesome movie

By Newbeginnings03
I took my 8 year old daughter in opening night. I honestly thought I would fall asleep due to the length of this movie, but it kept my attention along with my daughters for Tempe whole movie. It...

A must see!

By donnamariekirlew
A story of hope and values; fill with valuable life lessons. Should be watched in schools....

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Rated PG | For Thematic Elements, Some Suggestive Material and An Accident Scene
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Common Sense Media says Inspiring true tale of girl Ugandan chess champ.
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