Queen of Earth Synopsis
Catherine has entered a dark period in her life: her father has recently died, and on the heels of his death she's dumped by her boyfriend. Catherine heads out to her friend's lake house for relaxation. However, relaxation proves impossible to find.
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Movie Reviews

Now I know why I just got a B in Psychology 1 in college

By sbt427n
So, people say psychology is fascinating. It never did the trick on me. The critics here loved it, so i thought may be there's a worthy cause to spend couple of hours. It was a mind-bending...

On point

By kouru225
Queen of Earth isn't anything new, as it follows a long storytelling tradition of house dramas about "broken" women that will remind you of Bergman or Woody Allen or Ibsen, but it's just a really well...

Cliche Diatribe

By lrennick2013
Saw the movie. Read the reviews. Don't see what the critics see. I see a film that is filled with every cliche of "artiness," "madness," and women's ugliness to each other possible. Yes, I felt the...


By thebambergers
We had to leave after a half hour of listening to this daytime-drama caliber script. Poor lighting. Uninspired plot as of time of departure. Haven't walked out of a film since baron Von...