The Queen of Versailles

By malibran
Written August 29, 2016
This Documentary had me totally agape ! The story is nearly too amazing to imagine even in our time of excess and lack of scruples and morality . It is apt that this family wanted to imitate the french court in every vulgarity and lack of values. That G W Bush was made USA President in Florida over Gore is in here too and his is the perhaps the most astonishing fact of all. That the money and influence of this man altered the election ... and it is in his own words . This is a must see film. You will not be bored but you will be disgusted !
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Entertaining and Interesting

By CarinaCarina
Written June 27, 2016
An interesting and entertaining look at wealth in America and the American Dream. Jackie Siegel, although living in a world of crazy wealth and consumption, is strangely relatable. Her husband, David Siegel, is not so relatable and is hell bent on achieving the impossible even at the detriment of his entire family. Must see!
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Oh, the cleavage!

By everyweek60706
Written August 25, 2016
I was hoping for more house and more about the house, but there was little and it wasn't very interesting. The story ends up being essentially a reality show focused on the lady of the house, herself also of exhorbitant proportions and with some work completed. The best laughs were the reality checks. The thing that strikes me is so much money and power sets these people apart, yet they live almost in squalor and misery.
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You want to hate them but you can't

By Scrippy
Written August 29, 2016
I was prepared to feel contempt for these people but they are so human and flawed that you can't help but feel sorry for them - not for their loss of weath and power, but for all they lack - love, satisfaction, connection. I didn't want this documentary to end.
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Queen of Versailles...been there, done that

By Baby Boomer
Written July 02, 2016
It was depressing...know a lot of people like this. Interesting but not worth viewing in my opinion.
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