My wife loved it

By rtaylorart
Written December 10, 2016
We don't go to the movies much. When we do we're often disappointed. But since my wife is a fan of the show Downton Abbey, I figured it was a safe bet. I also enjoyed it. It wasn't a hilarious, mind blowing, emotional rollercoaster type of movie. But it is very well done with beautiful scenery and is well written and cast perfectly. I loved that they cast old folks that were actually big opera stars in their day. My wife loved it and that is a good thing for me!
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Lovely Film

By Olddogger
Written August 25, 2016
Fabulous acting - excellent script-writing - some beautiful cinematography. What's not to like? A bit melancholy, but very believeable characters, and an ultimately happy ending. Also, lots of fabulous music, operatic and instrumental. I'd happily see it again. If you saw and liked "Exotic Marigold Hotel," "Quartet" is in a similar vein, but rather more optimistic.
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By samsherstad
Written May 25, 2016
Sweet story but I'm not in to opera at all and had trouble hearing all the dialog. So I wasn't too pleased with this flick.
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A love story for the ages

By hit2bid
Written August 30, 2016
From the get go I sensed a wonderful love story was going to develop and indeed, developed. The story line is a tear jerker, and passed my doze rating; this was no doze movie. GO SEE IT, A MUST SEE, well worth the admission.
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By needlepoint
Written January 17, 2017
Amusing and artistically done film about aging musicians with a glimpse into how we all have redeemable qualities no matter how long we've allowed our "stuff" to become entrenched. A good antidote for the feelings you are left with after watching Amour!
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