This movie is a real treat!!

By ladyoftherings
Written February 18, 2013
We throughly enjoyed this movie, the music & the acting were both extremely enjoyable. Maggie Smith was as always a delight, however the other actors did a wonderful job also. We were very impressed at how the actual musicians were used in the movie, & then given recognition for their past achievements in the closing credits. What a generous gesture that was! It was a pleasure to see actors who did not look like they'd spent thousands getting plastic surgery & who honestly embraced the aging process with no excuses. We will all be there someday & it's to the credit of Dustin Hoffman that aging was portrayed with such compassion & humor. The cinamatography was gorgeous too, the building & the grounds lent a beautiful background to the story & did credit to the english countryside. I had never heard of this movie before & am so glad I read the synopsis on Fandango or I might have missed it!
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Good Cast - timid screenplay

By wponsot
Written March 25, 2013
The cast is superb, Maggie Smith & Michael Gambon together again - a dream shattered by a lackluster screenplay. The movie as enjoyable as a whole however - worth seeing, though worth waiting for the dvd
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By glenysmenace
Written March 06, 2013
A heartwarming movie with splendid actors. I didn't realize Dustin Hoffman had used actual musical performers of the past. I will see it again so I can see their before and now faces. Maggie Smith is wonderful as ever as well as the all a.ctors. I loved it
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Wonderful and Funny!

By greywolf152
Written August 28, 2014
This is a touching movie about aging and trying to maintain the status quo! I found the romance and humor in it to be delightful! The actors were such wonderfully human characters. And each scene keeps you guessing and waiting for more! I highly recommend this movie for the elderly and middle age groups-it is a realistic view of getting older and dealing with the changes in life-style during retirement. It also shows that love of the heart and love of true friends never dies! I give it a 5 star rating! Excellent!
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By millerjg
Written July 28, 2014
We have great actors in America, but the 5 leads in Quartet show the depth, range and courage of older British actors. In an early scene , Maggie Smith's expression as she looked out the window of her apartment taught us everything we needed to know about aging, loneliness, loss and the fear of the future.
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