Verdi With a Side of Schmaltz

By pablomtz829
Written March 04, 2013
A lovely film that's part "Downton Abbey" (Look! There's Maggie Smith playing the same character she always plays!), part "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and entirely charming, if not entirely original. There are several utterly poignant moments and the scenery is always lush and verdant -- as if the English country landscape is taunting the fading characters whose golden days appear to be long past. But as one might expect, it turns out their most important 'roles' have yet to be played. The music is gorgeous and the end credits (don't leave without seeing them) are lovely. There are several missteps, but they in no way take away from the larger, more glorious aspects of the film. (The 'urban youth' storyline -- thin and underdeveloped -- feels gratuitous and tagged-on, rather than organic, believeable.) Opera fans: delight in a lovely turn by the ever radiant Dame Gwenyth Jones.
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Warm And Loving, A Very Pleasant Film.

By Alon Patterson
Written July 25, 2014
While this film might appeal to a mostly older demographic, explanation for its limited release, it none the less delivers an engaging and entertaining audience experience. Produced and directed by Dustin Hoffman, the scene constructions show a legendary actor's touch. While this film has no superheroes (costumed ones anyway), fancy special effects, or exotic locations, it delivers a decently entertaining screenplay with solid performances. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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A Great TIme

By Film-girlly
Written February 10, 2013
I had to drag my husband to see this movie. I knew I would like seeing my favorite British stars but he thought it would be boring. Much to his surprise he loved it as much as I did. Stunning scenery, superb acting, great music and a memorable plot make this movie one of our favorites.
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Delightful, refreshing, charming

By minnie_huntingtonbeach
Written September 18, 2014
Wonderful dialogue and interactions between characters that are real people. Maggie Smith never, never disappoints! The cast is made up of real musicians and vocal artists who perform throughout the film, which is incidental but very enriching.
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"The Quartet" is a wonderful treat that lingers

By bethjanelle
Written January 26, 2013
This movie stars the wonderously talented Dame Maggie Smith and Billy Connolly. The setting is a retirement home called Beecham House in the English country side for retired professional singers and musicians. The home and the grounds are gorgeous. The beauty of the setting coupled with the music that is provided throughout the movie by the residents, becomes almost another character in the film. The movie does tackle the harsh aspects of aging and losing health, but it does so with humor and dignity. It follows the classic Hollywood script of having the old gang get together to perform one more time to secure the funding to keep their home open. In the process, the audience is treated to the talents of many of Great Britain's most talents actors, singers, and musicians. This will be a movie that I will cherish and watch over and over again.
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