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A once-popular opera diva (Maggie Smith) reunites with her ex-husband at a retirement home.
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Quartet is a Charmer

By donnahu
This is a nice feel-good flick, but very well acted and enjoyable. The music of course, is wonderful, and the chance to see a wonderful group of retired musicians actually playing and singing is...


By wvbrierre
Thoroughly delightful. Beecham House is just the type of retirement community we would all like to move into when we get to be that age. If only we were all talented musicians....

Sweet story

By jjclemente
Love and romance know no age limits. Easy to like, clever dialogue, lush scenery and great casting. Nothing spectacular and nothing not to like. If you like the current collection of movies...


By spoonie5555
This is a good movie, although it is a little slow moving and not for folks under 50 or so. I'm well over that, so I enjoyed it. It made me laugh and made me cry and gave me hope for love into old...

Terrifically funny!

By Silver_views
Superb cast of actors that give you their best in this hilarious look at aging opera stars. Treat yourself to a fun experience of the elderly perspective of themselves....

Very moving

By Classical_Music_Lover
I am a "senior musician," and I was very moved by this film The music is wonderful throughout, the setting is beautiful, and the story is "right on." The acting was superb, but reading the credits at...


By Denver4106
Wishing there had been more actual music playing by the members of the musicians retirement home, and perhaps a bit more of the back stories of the principal players Quartet was, nonetheless, a...

Never too Late

By guthrieae@gmail.com
I guess I'm a sucker for anything Maggie Smith! The cast was amazing, the story heartwarming and the setting stunning. This movie is for any age and has a wonderful message that, it's never too late...

Quartet is funny and charming

By tonyhasit
Quartet is funny and charming. Even though I don't like opera, I do love music, and I appreciate the music throughout this movie. But the best part of this movie is it's humor....

A Film with Humanity

By cathyweiss
Quartet is so beautifully made, presenting a group of octagenarians with dignity and love. Each character is so well crafted, that you feel for them. And that Dustin Hoffman used real life...

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Rated PG-13 | For Suggestive Humor and Brief Strong Language
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Common Sense Media says Charming comedy about elderly opera singers fine for teens.
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