Quarantine, best *comedy* of the year

By Hodrobond
Written October 13, 2008
This movie was just remarkably terrible, i haven't laughed at such bad acting and a terribly done plot since, well, Dragon Wars. Every moment of the film was predictable, and the characters reactions in the movie were unrealistic quick, beginning to bash a head in before the head appeared (there was no possible way for the character to know the "zombie" if you will, was in that location) During the first half of the film the theatre remained silent, then the other (1) moviegoer and I began laughing hysterically at all the problems with the movie, while predicting every event as it happened. The plot had some potential, however these "horror" films seem to no longer provide time for the viewers to become emotionally attached to the characters, which makes their deaths meaningless, twice in the movie I was asking myself who the person that just died was, or who the zombie was. Overall a terrible movie if you want a scare, but if you want laughs go with some friends and make fun of it
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If you like to have fun at the movies, go.

Written October 10, 2008
While leaving the theater I heard some people talking sh*#, everyone is a critic, but I had a great time. I got envolved with the main charaters and felt for them when the fit hit the shan, and man does it ever. Totally gross, suspensful and creepy thing happen and it's a roller coaster ride where the shaky film shots actually worked for me this time. This was a great late night movie. (saw the 12:01 am showing.) I recommend going and having fun.
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By michelez
Written October 10, 2008
My daughter and I went to a prescreening last night. We walked out! There were theater workers, who had seen the movie the night before, interviewing the people who walked out of the movie. Everyone who was interviewed said basically the same thing...headache, dizziness, nausea. It was filmed from the stand point of the news camera man. lt was jumpy and bouncy with the camera swinging side to side. Absolutely unwatchable. Save your money!
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By Squirrel Sniper
Written February 11, 2015
I hope its not another cheap thriller although i highly doubt it will be. The trailer looks great, looking forward to this one :)
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By Schiraptophobia
Written October 11, 2008
i went to this movie with my boyfriend. The beginning was very boring, and i thought it was going to be a terrible movie. But when they got into the building, the rest was nonstop adrenaline rush. You were always on the edge of the seat. I constantly kept catching myself leaning forward. The ending was short but very epic. My boyfriend was curled in a ball. Very intense movie.
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