Quarantine Synopsis
A reporter and a cameraman become quarantined in an apartment building.
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Quarantine, best *comedy* of the year

By Hodrobond
This movie was just remarkably terrible, i haven't laughed at such bad acting and a terribly done plot since, well, Dragon Wars. Every moment of the film was predictable, and the characters reactions...

If you like to have fun at the movies, go.

While leaving the theater I heard some people talking sh*#, everyone is a critic, but I had a great time. I got envolved with the main charaters and felt for them when the fit hit the shan, and man...


By michelez
My daughter and I went to a prescreening last night. We walked out! There were theater workers, who had seen the movie the night before, interviewing the people who walked out of the movie. ...


By Squirrel Sniper
I hope its not another cheap thriller although i highly doubt it will be. The trailer looks great, looking forward to this one :)...


By Schiraptophobia
i went to this movie with my boyfriend. The beginning was very boring, and i thought it was going to be a terrible movie. But when they got into the building, the rest was nonstop adrenaline rush....

Five Word Review

By redyeah
Why'd she have to go!?...


By mrsluckey16
I can't wait til this movie comes out!!...

Cheap American Rip-Off

By kissthachief
This is a movie copied from a Latin version titled "Rec". If you really want to see a scary movie this halloween go rent "Rec" it is like the Blair-Witch Project meets 28 days later. The Latin...

Fantastic, Creepy, Very Intense!

By JCredible
To all the people below me saying how bad the movie was because of the shakiness of the camera... SHUT UP. Its supposed to be that way, this was a first person camera movie, for more intense acting...

overall great movie!!!

By ramirezzmarie
I didn't know about this movie until my personal trainer told me about it. We went to watch it and didn't really know what to expect. I liked everything besides all the blood. We were jumping out of...

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Rated R | For bloody violence and disturbing content, terror and language
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Common Sense Media says Grim, grisly horror film only for mature viewers.
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