James Bomb out

By MaxpSterling
Written November 21, 2008
This movie was about James Bond awhile after he because a 007. He is out for reveange for the death of the woman that he liked. he says he isnt but he is. This Movie doesnt have the brain power of the other movies that made you have to stay on your toes and think ok why did that happen. whats gonna happen now. I didnt feel that in this one. This one was more about him running around blowing things up and killing people for no reason other then well he can.. Look if i wanted to see a movie like that i would go rent Rambo. I have been a big fan of James Bond movies since i was a little kid and seeing all those Gadgets like the Car that could become a sub the missle pen. and all that stuff. it made you go wow i wish i had one of those. But this one didnt have any of that. I am not puting down thier choice of the bonb they casted. I am just saying a little more brain power into it and less concentration on things blowing up. This is what we expect from bond movies.
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Written October 21, 2008
OMG this is what ive been waiting for.....that is next to the Dragonball Z movie that will be out in April 2009
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Cannot wait!

By kandicec
Written September 05, 2008
The trailer looks awesome and Daniel Craig was so good in Casino Royale I can't wait for Quanum of Solace, it's going to be even better.
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Qauntum of Solace PRT1

By DSPSmith
Written November 01, 2008
Well needless to say there was very little plot to go with besides the fact that Bond is singlehandedly out to get one man and at any cost. No charm, no charisma, so seducing women to get in bed with, no ***** Galore or Grace Jones character – nada. Firstly he didn’t have much female compatriots to work with, and none of the usual flirtatious behaviour or sensuality that captures the heart of every female in his path; instead you are treaded to a very boring Bond, who is odd looking and barely says a word. Additionally Bond is very callous and cold. Without accountability and killing anyone and everyone who stands in his way, he’s the untouchable and unstoppable agent that gets away with doing whatever he pleases, albeit to the discredit of his bosses. Again not the Mr nice guy we know of Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Peirce Brosnan and others to be in previous roles, which is be hard to the bad guys yet sweet and charming to the ladies Not enough review, I will continue in Part 2.
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Its a bond movie

By gurilawrfr45
Written June 27, 2008
For 40 years James Bond has been an icon in todays world the movies are awesome...you have to see this movie.
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