Not the best Bond ever...but close

By freeheelin214
Written November 14, 2008
Absolutely amazing...the character is building, Bond is becoming Bond, and the transformation is almost complete. This was an amazing movie...while the action never stopped the character never stopped growing. Although plot was an issue, a pre-quil is not about is about how James Bond becomes James Bond and Quantum has successfully continued to build 007.
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Written November 11, 2008
This evening I was privileged to attend the advance press screening of the 106-minute 22nd. chapter of the James Bond franchise starring Daniel Craig in his second triumphant appearance as the British secret agent. Directed by Marc Forster, Quantum of Solace/QOS is violently intense, chair-gripping, and action-packed - despite the average plot (as compared to Bond movies of the past). Editing is uneven but palatable. The engaging first fifteen minutes should please the most die-hard action fan. Although QOS is a top-notch production overall, I miss the finesse and polish of Casino Royale. Dame Judi Dench excelled again as M - and, actually had more screen-time in this movie. Mathieu Amalric was sinister as Bond's arch-antagonist, Dominic Greene. Olga Kurylenko was ravishingly beautiful as the manipulative deceptive Camille. Gemma Arterton gave a commendable performance. Verdict: A MUST-SEE for die-hard James Bond and action fans. Highly recommended.
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By Espy2468
Written October 07, 2008
I have been counting down the days until this movie is coming out since november of last year!!! I can not beleive that it is almost here!!!!! It looks really good and I can't wait to see it.
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Cant Wait.....

By Buster Blue
Written October 24, 2008
I've played the game James Bond.... There are very good and the story line. In this movie there is going to be a betrayal and it will be in James Bond hands cant wait. The next the mission is even more personal... Come'on it has Danial Craig in it. Cant wait to see it Comes Nov.14.
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Quantum of Solace

By lordcroft18
Written November 06, 2008
I saw the movie yesterday and I should say it was marvelous! Lots of high-octane visual stunts mixed with occasional melodic moments and I had the best movie experience this time of the year! Olga's hot in here but she was way hotter (too much hotter at that!) in HITMAN, though...
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