PUSH - unoriginal. GRADE: C

Written February 05, 2009
I just attended the advance press preview of this BUMBLING UNIMPRESSIVE 2hr movie rip-off of HEROES and other established sci-fi novels/comics. Don't get me wrong - I'm totally into sci-fi and fantasy - but, this movie is a tedious exercise that lacks originality - and lacking substance. A regular weekly episode of HEROES is many times better than PUSH. And watching re-runs of the X-MEN is more entertaining. For those that are familiar with the DC and MARVEL comics universes - you've been exposed to such 'gifted' characters. There is nothing new in this movie that hasn't already been done prior. PUSH's plot has more holes than a block of cheddar and stinks worse. The special effects are second-rate and at best - unimpressive. The cardboard-thin characters lacked depth. Oh - and the ending sets up for a PUSH Pt. 2. So, you now know that there is no closure for this movie. VERDICT: GO - if you really must. A DVD rental at best. Yes, it really is that bad. All HYPE.
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By melvinco3
Written February 09, 2009
Despised every minute of it. Couldn't wait for it to be over. Stupidest bull I've ever sat through.Total waste of our money. We went to the movies 5 weeks in a row now and the first 4 were awesome and this one really ruined our date night streak we had going.
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Rare Genre Rarely Done Well

By OddWave
Written February 09, 2009
So back in Ancient History (60s) there was a sort of strange silly film called 'The Power' made by George Pal. There live amongst us the next step in evolution. Stronger, smarter and with strange psychic powers. And there are secret Government agencies looking into this. The Power must not have done well; a decade goes by and there's this strange big budget fantasy fillm called 'The Fury'. A secret Government agency kidnaps a secret agent's son who has psychic powers and experiments on him. The Fury must not have done well because nobody copycat-ed it either. A decade later David Cronenberg makes 'Scanners'. Low budget, better writing, gorier effects. Cult favorite but soon forgotten. And now TWO decades later 'Push'. So bad I'll have to wait Two More Decades! Sigh. The name, 'Push' doesn't refer to the main characters or their powers, so why call the film, 'Push'? Its a poor story poorly told. Too much telling us what is going on, not enough showing.
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By Motta
Written January 31, 2009
Saw it last night. Was very surprised. I enjoyed the entire film. I would recomment it to anyone, especially viewers that like movies like I AM LEGEND.....War of the Worlds....Omega Man (older peeps)..The special effects were amazing. Acting really good. I was interested the entire time. I am surprised there has not been much publicity.
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Good Sci-fi movie a must see....

By stonecoldcloser
Written February 09, 2009
Great movie a must see.
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