PURPLE NOON ~ Half-hearted Highsmith

By lugubriousthespian
Written May 13, 2009
This1960 French filming of the popular Patricia Highsmith novel "The Talented Mr. Ripley" is most likely more faithful to its original source, but lacks in the lurid elements that made the 90s Anthony Minghela's version much more tantalizing. Here we have the luscious Alain Delon portraying American opportunist Tom Ripley who would KILL to live the lifestyle of his Euro-playboy mate Phillipe Greenleaf who he has been paid ostensibly to convince to come back to the States for his rich family. And he does! Whereas the 90s edition sets up many of the characters and situations beforehand to segue into the motivation for the murder, this one just plops you down about mid-stride and let's you pick up the pieces as Tom's actions begin to spiral out of control. PLUS, the whole homosexuality subtext/subplot is cast adrift in lieu of Ripley going after not only assuming Greenleaf's identity but also his mousy fiancee Marge.Still worth a look for the fantastic locale shooting and seaway sequence!
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By gwen022
Written March 13, 2013
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