Pure Country 2: The Gift.

By gabrielheiser
Written October 17, 2010
Great singing, terriible plot and script. Had its emotional movies, but only go if you're a country music fan.
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Pure Country 2 the Gift

By ckw52
Written November 01, 2010
This is a must see FAMILY Film. There is great music (songs where you actually can hear the words). The dual story-line of gaining a gift and having to live by the rules along with showing love and helping the less fortunate makes the movie one of a kind. True George Strait is only in it a few minutes, but the story isn't about George. Yet he does add to the film. We all say we want more pictures we can take our entire family to. Well folks this is one you can. There is as I say great music, a story with a moral,humor and even death, but the great thing about the deaths are the story doesn't dwell on death. It shows life must go on. It's a must see film. This is for sure a feel good movie. You'll laugh, may shed a tear a tear of sadness and a tear of joy. The only problem I can find with this movie is it should have been released years ago where we could be enjoying it in reruns. But then years ago the beautiful and talent Katrina Elam wouldn't been around to bring it to life.
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