This Awsome

By CTkaczyk
Written October 29, 2008
The punisher is one of my favorite comics. This movie is gonna be bad ass! Even better that he is gonna be part of the Avengers!
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Punisher:War Zone

By bigsteve0894
Written October 24, 2008
The Punisher That Was Made In 04 I Though Was Really Good With Thomas Jane, But This New Punisher Looks ok, The Guy That Playing Him Looks To Big To Be The Punisher Thomas Jane Should Have Played In This One.
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punisher war zone

By kingalapal
Written November 22, 2008
punisher war zone is the best i love the guns and the bombs and the blood
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Looks awful

By webchameleon
Written June 20, 2008
This one has a cheesy, toe-tag action flick trailer. The actor playing Frank has all the personality of a wet turd.
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The ****

By rock Tumtum
Written November 12, 2008
Dude if there is still anyone left in this world how still love poetic justice this is a MASTER PEICE FOR THAT VERY REASON.
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