Punisher: War Zone Synopsis
A disfigured mob boss known as Jigsaw seeks revenge against Frank Castle (Ray Stevenson).
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This Awsome

By CTkaczyk
The punisher is one of my favorite comics. This movie is gonna be bad ass! Even better that he is gonna be part of the Avengers!...

Punisher:War Zone

By bigsteve0894
The Punisher That Was Made In 04 I Though Was Really Good With Thomas Jane, But This New Punisher Looks ok, The Guy That Playing Him Looks To Big To Be The Punisher Thomas Jane Should Have Played In...

punisher war zone

By kingalapal
punisher war zone is the best i love the guns and the bombs and the blood...

Looks awful

By webchameleon
This one has a cheesy, toe-tag action flick trailer. The actor playing Frank has all the personality of a wet turd....

The ****

By rock Tumtum
Dude if there is still anyone left in this world how still love poetic justice this is a MASTER PEICE FOR THAT VERY REASON....

Hell yes!

By nwogiant33
Now this is the way a Punisher movie should be. I actually liked the last Punisher movie with Thomas Jane, but this one puts that to shame. If you are a fan of senseless violence in movies from...

Mindless killing spree

By Raven_Avarielle
I thought this movie was suppose to be better than the first one, which by the way was more believable. But this one was just killing and more killing and the movie made it to be so casual to kill...

The Punisher , Take 3

By wwbird
Third time's the charm, at least it seems to be for Marvel Comic's The Punisher. Yes he spends the entire movie either; a) shooting bad guys, b) brooding, c) shooting bad guys or d) having flashbacks...

Marvel Magic

By stan.tech
I recommend this movie to any real Comic book fan. You will not be disappointed....


By bigjim847
I have no idea why this movie was made. Was there a surplus of movie ammo and a huge sale? There is no real story here. Basically, crush, kill, destroy! In the 2004 version, I understood why...

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Rated R | For pervasive strong brutal violence, language and some drug use
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Common Sense Media says Violent vigilante comic book story is gory, grim stuff.
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