Absolute disaster

By indewrtr88
Written January 16, 2015
Did this movie make sense to anyone? And if it did, did you enjoy watching it? This movie is about two things drugs and violence. There is no plot, no comedy, and a definite lack of organization. People could afford to miss this movie! In spite of the publicity and reviews.
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Favorite movie of all time!

By jrhilbert2
Written August 10, 2008
Hands down master piece! The acting is supurb! If u liked grind house, kill bill, kill bill 2 then u will LOVE THIS!
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Pulp Fiction

By Axanjr
Written June 17, 2008
Another one of my favorites with an all-studded cast and excellent plot. Needless to say that I've seen this movie and DVD over 10 times already. Always a good selection to have at a festive event.
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If you like pointless drug use and violence with some cool music...

By DrewGuru
Written August 28, 2013
Yeah, yeah.. Tarantino this, Tarantino that... I mean yes the acting and the action is great, especially for its time... but should anyone really be watching this nonsense?
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No Better Movie Has Been Made.

By Joe The Met Fan
Written November 06, 2013
Genre plays a very important role in my opinion..there are so many great movies on film it's mind boggling...but when I think about all the movues I've seen and enjoyed, I can still get moved by this truly great movie.
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