What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Pulling Strings is a subtitled movie in Spanish that involves a night of excessive drinking at a work party and the ensuing chaos. Expect some sex-related banter and mild profanity ("ass"). The film is otherwise a sweet, upbeat romantic comedy about putting down roots and what it means to really see people, with positive depictions of single fathers (with a deceased mother referenced briefly), family, and friendship, but because of the subtitles, and because the action hinges on a night of partying, it's probably best for older kids.
  • Families can talk about drinking responsibly. Do you think the film showed drinking realistically? What sorts of things go wrong after drinking too much? What might have been a more responsible amount to drink to celebrate?
  • How does the film portray cultural misunderstandings? What assumptions do both groups in the film make about one another, and how do they come to see them as unfair?
  • What kinds of stereotypes does the film work to undo about what it means to be a "good father" or a good provider? How does Alejandro challenge those notions? Do you think society is coming to view fatherhood as more important than it used to be? How so or how not?
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