Excellent GLBT movie

By suzie192040
Written March 19, 2007
Puccini For Beginners is an excellent movie about the love live of a lesbian and the discovery of lesbianism for another female character in the movie. Elizabeth Reaser, Gretchen Mol, and Justin Kirk give great performances in this movie. Reaser and Mol give extraordinary performances. The direction in this movie is excellent. Ms. Maggenti should direct more movies as an antidote to dumb Hollywood movies like Wild Hogs, Spiderman, or Superman Returns. Puccini for Beginners is the reason I go to see movies. I recommend that GLBT and straight people see this movie. It's great.
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Puccini for beginners is fun

By Joanne V.
Written February 17, 2007
Want to see it desperately but it isn't playing in the San Francisco bay area, what's up with that, lol.
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