PUBLIC ENEMIES - a crime of a movie. Rating: 84 out of 100 (Based on advance press preview)

Written July 01, 2009
I recently attended the advance press preview of this OVERLY LONG BLOATED 143-min movie starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard. Michael Mann's directing was too constrictively suffocating resulting in a movie that lacked scope portraying a flat dull John Dillinger. Hap-hazard editing did not help either. The development of the main characters was stifled. Still, it is watchable despite the violence and explicit gore on full display. While deaths do and will occur in a gangster movie, the violently gory scenes could have been treated with more dignity and class. The costumes and locations were appropriately mood-setting - except for DRABLY-DRESSED Dillinger and unremarkable Art Deco sets. The principal and supporting cast did a SOLID job! (elevating this movie from a unremarkable C to a MEDIOCRE B-AVERAGE) VERDICT: Should appeal to gangster-thrillers' fans and fans of the movie's acting leads. Not kids friendly. Won't be a blockbuster.
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Johnny Deep

By Zimmerman91
Written May 09, 2009
public enemies is going to be without a doubt one of johnny deeps best movies what movie that johnny deeps in that is great. Plus u got Christian Bale in it as well that right there is more then enough reason to go to this movie. And thats not even the action sceens thats in it i cant wait
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Worst Michael Mann film I've ever seen... don't waste your money or time

By matt_fresh
Written July 10, 2009
Huge disappointment for a huge Michael Mann fan. I was very excited to see this movie based on the story, great cast, and director but what a dud. The plot has hardly any development throughout the entire film, the characters are boring at best, including Depp and Bale, with minimal dialogue and nothing for the audience to care about. The redundancy in the story is overwhealming and predictable. I was waiting for the plot to thicken at some point, and get the story going, I wanted to have some kind of emotional connection to the struggle in this film like we all did in the movie "Heat" but it never happened. I also waited 2hrs and 23 mins for a massive shootout scene, like when we had our hearts pounding during the bank robbery scene in "Heat" but it never happened either. There were some decent action sequences, but they held no merit during such a dull film. After an hour, I was fighting myself to not leave the theater, and I really wish I had.
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What the hell happened?

By ashjean
Written July 02, 2009
I was soooo excited to see this movie. I love biography type films and it had 2 of my favorite actors in it so of course I was going to see it. The theatre was pretty full on opening day, but it didn't seem like anybody thouroughly loved it. I think it ran too long. I have no idea why it was rated R. Some PG-13 movies have worse language and violence than this. It only got exciting the last hour. The sex scene was weird. The actors did a good job portraying the characters, but the characters didn't have enough background or depth. It should have started with Dillinger's childhood, so one could understand how he turned into a bankrobber. The cinematography was a little weird. I would save this movie for either a day where you want to see any movie you haven't seen or just wait til it comes on pay per view. It was kind of a letdown. I give it a B or B-.
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Johnny Depp . . . ENOUGH SAID.

By JohnnyDeppFanFOREVER
Written June 28, 2009
I absolutly cannot wait to see this movie! I got to go to the Public Enemies Premiere in Los Angeles and had the AMAZING oppertunity to get to talk to Johnny. He is one of the most kind-hearted, loving people I have ever met in my life. You can tell that he truly cares about his fans and knows that they are the ones who make him a celebrity. I love you Johnny Depp. But this movie just looks absolutely amazing, i get chills everytime i see the trailer! There is probably no other film maker with a greater love for american crime during the 30's than Michael Mann. You can tell he put his heart into this film. This is a definite must-see! Johnny Depp + Micheal Mann = AMAZING enough said.
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