Psycho (1960) Synopsis
A woman (Janet Leigh) stops at a motel run by mad Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).
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By redyeah
Everything has already been said about this film, so I'll keep it short. MARVELOUS!...

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By ihrtdouglas
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Five Word Review

By vbandhak123
one classic movie of all...

Classic for a Reason

By squidsquid
This is both a cinematic and Hitchcockian classic for a reason. The suspense in this movie would awaken any newer generation audience who might typically be bored with black and white color,...

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By Mattasaurus
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By samgallic
Probably my favorite...


By Axanjr
Im a big fan of Albert Hitchcock so of course value this as one of his true masterpieces. Great cinematography!...


By kevinmyllamoto
Boring and not interesting waste of money...

Some classics never age

By indiefansesh
Had never seen this one before, and definitely not on the big screen. So when Angelika announced Hitchcoktober, and this was the first in the list, I just had to drive those 30 miles and watch this...

Big Screen Psycho

By sldiaz8
I've always loved this movie but seeing it on the big screen just enhanced its brilliance. There isn't anything I could say about Hitchcock that hasn't already been said. This was a great treat....

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Rated R
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says OK for kids 15+ Horror masterpiece definitely isn't for young kids.
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