Great move

By carla1962
Written September 11, 2008
Great must see move!!!!!!!!!
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By joanniefan
Written September 12, 2008
Wonderful family film that should remind everyone what it means to be an American!
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Puke America...shallow and didactic

By CarolJWright
Written September 16, 2008
I thought my mom (w/Alzheimers) might enjoy what was touted as splendid 70mm footage, but those shots were short. Since the stories were based on "Reader's Digest" stories of Americans overcoming obstacles & persevering to make dreams come true, it would provide a few moving moments. American filmmakers are skillful at these predictable stories (even "Longshot" by Ice Cube did a great job), but these folks don't know how to shape even foolproof stories. Stilted dialogue, didactic preaching, commercial plugs (the original Walmart store and a vintage Coca-Cola scene of two dudes showing the original logo design. That product THEN was based on cocaine!!) I am not anti-proud American and not against the film's stories. American is bigger than badly produced cliches. Let's raise the flag with artistry and honesty. Give this particular the hook before any foreigners see it. This movie may show American pride, but the movie is not worth puffing one's chest over. UGH.
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worst movie ever

By Xanonseraph
Written September 14, 2008
this looks like a horrible television show. If it was a show, however, it would not last 2 episodes. Bad acting, bad directing, and bad concept. Don't waste your money or time.
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You Must Go See This Movie!

By Celestialographer
Written September 16, 2008
Good Movie from the point of view of any Immigrant situation. A point of view that so many Next Generation Americans often forget. Don't forget we all have immigration in our heritage.
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