Written April 11, 2008
I just saw the free press preview of this screamfest. NOTE: 'PROM NIGHT' is NOT a 'horror' film. This suspense/thriller was deftly competently directed by Nelson McCormick. He tried hard to avoid cliches associated with this genre but as talented as he is, alas he was working with a lack-luster below-average WEAK script. There was only so much he could do to try to rescue it. I sympathize with him helming this sinking ship of a movie. 'B+' for directing. A few false scares, a smattering of scream-moments BUT overall, it was a disappointing plot/story. Despite a lack of character development, Brittany Snow (Hairspray) did shine in her role. She is a promising budding thespian and I hope for her career much future success. As for the rest of the cast, they were mostly in the movie because of their looks. And there were CUTIES aplenty - of both sexes. Most of the cast suffered from either a case of UNDER-acting or OVER-acting. Recommendation: If you must, wait for the DVD.
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Prom Night

By mizizmizzy
Written April 19, 2008
K, so i heard some ppl sayin tat this movie sucked...but i TOTALLY disagree!!! i thought it was suuuupppeeerrr goooooooddddd!!!! i loved it!!! A LOT!!!! it had me nervous & anxious!!! it was just great! best horror movie ive seen in years! 2 thumbs up!! :D
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Prom night

By gattaca32
Written April 11, 2008
it was a very good movie altough it wasnt as scary as i thought it would be. i enjoyed it althought it was not scary at all
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Cant Wait!!!!!!!!

By Daniel Atencio777
Written January 14, 2008
This is going to be the best movie in the entire world!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!! This is going to be rreally scary and fun!!!
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Review of Prom Night

By ArmyRanger3713
Written April 30, 2008
The movie was great. Me and my wife both thought that it should have been rated R. We had a hard time watching it cause there was little teens in the theater watching the movie. The only thing was that they were not watching the movie. Instead they would talk. But we dealt with it. The movie was great. Planed out well lots of excitement, lots of moments that made you wanna jumps out of your set or scream. Thats the type of movies that me and my wife like to watch. We would back and see it again. But like I had said, there were some scenes that should have made that movie rate R and not PG-13. For instance like when he came up on the girl in the construction area and you watched him slash her neck and you see blood splatter on the construction plastic. Other than that it was a very well done movie that we enjoyed.
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