Prom Night Synopsis
A deadly madman terrorizes a teen (Brittany Snow) and her friends at their senior prom.
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I just saw the free press preview of this screamfest. NOTE: 'PROM NIGHT' is NOT a 'horror' film. This suspense/thriller was deftly competently directed by Nelson McCormick. He tried hard to avoid...

Prom night

By gattaca32
it was a very good movie altough it wasnt as scary as i thought it would be. i enjoyed it althought it was not scary at all...

Prom Night

By mizizmizzy
K, so i heard some ppl sayin tat this movie sucked...but i TOTALLY disagree!!! i thought it was suuuupppeeerrr goooooooddddd!!!! i loved it!!! A LOT!!!! it had me nervous & anxious!!! it was...

Cant Wait!!!!!!!!

By Daniel Atencio777
This is going to be the best movie in the entire world!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!! This is going to be rreally scary and fun!!!...

Review of Prom Night

By ArmyRanger3713
The movie was great. Me and my wife both thought that it should have been rated R. We had a hard time watching it cause there was little teens in the theater watching the movie. The only thing was...

Prom Night Scare

By trevorashtonbrown
This movie I would have to say was pretty intense. I loved how high quality the movie was but the acting wasn't good at all. I am finally excited to have a murder story instead of all these ghost...

Great Suspense

By horror78
I thought this would be another corny scary prom movie but I was wrong. I was kept in suspense and wondering what the next move would be on both the killer and the innocent. Though the ending was...

Five Word Review

By redyeah
You thought your life sucked!...

OMG the best

By akaluckysme
this movie is so scary... i love it... usally scary movies arent scary there funny because there so fake but this movie is good and real looking if u get what im saying u noo... i thought it could be...

Prom Night

By movie_goer525
WOW!!!! I loved this movie!!!!!! It was the best horror movie i've ever seen!! Normally I hate horror movies. I hate them more than anything else. But I loved this one! I reccomend this movie to...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence and terror, some sexual material, underage drinking, and language
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Common Sense Media says Schoolhouse horror -- go to the back of the class.
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