Awful Movie

By fzera
Written January 05, 2013
Go if you are an environmental wacko, hate big business, and love getting our energy sources from countries that hate us. You can't miss the message. Besides, the movie was tedious and boring. It also had a very predictable ending.
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By geoelevation25
Written February 16, 2013
Damon pulls off a good performance as well as Krasinski but Promised Land also falls into strong depths of badly written scenes and flat out boredom. However it was still an interesting film to watch especially because of it's fresh drama
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Clever but moralizing

By Scots_Rancher
Written January 06, 2013
Big business seals deals regardless of who gets hurt, who gets trampled, and what the outcome is for years ... I did feel like it was written by a smug, tree hugging Hollywood executive as an educational film ... lots of moral themes the greatest of which is that big business and "f-you money" as Matt Damon's character called it, will destroy our ability to produce safe food and to have safe water.
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The Promised Land -really

By senior fan
Written January 08, 2013
Well acted....a message film. I am more than a little sympathetic to the enviorenmental position it is supporting, but I think the ending was a little improbable. consequently it may have damaged it cause more than helped it.
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By Peneflix
Written January 04, 2013
There are times when the comfort of predictability, a cocoon of complacency is the perfect anecdote in a season of massive doses of mayhem, morbidity, dismemberment and destruction... “Promised Land” is the fare, pabulum, alleviating the the gloom of “Les Miz,” “Django Unchained”; a dose of “fracking” (a combination of water, sand and chemicals, hydraulically drilled into the ground to release natural gas) leads to a mildly entertaining film about the explosion of modern technology and its harmful/healing effects on a small farming community, slowly suffocating from financial duress... It is sweetly satisfying forecasting the conclusion; “Promised Land” gifts the viewer wholesome folks, devoid of pretense; illusions rooted in reality; they want to educate their children, fix their tractors; enjoy the local pub on Friday evenings. For many, this is as good as it gets... TWO AND 1/2 STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix(dot)com!!!
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