Promised Land: Video responses to the film on opening night in Ithaca, NY

By cmcc860
Written October 09, 2015
I filmed the response of five people after the screening of Promised Land at the Regal Theater, Ithaca, NY on January 4. The video is posted on the ShaleShock YouTube channel (Video identifier is u_PIiNKDmmA in case the link doesn't work.) Here are the questions I asked: • Did the film meet your expectations, or were you surprised where it went? • Did the characters portrayed in the film ring true to you? • What is the take away message for you if any? • Would you recommend others to see this film? Video URL:
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This movie was no Silkwood, Good Will Hunting or Gasland; it was a safe way to get the message about fracking out to the public.

By Joliet Movie Critic
Written January 06, 2013
This movie was no Silkwood, Good Will Hunting or Gasland, it was safe way to get the message about fracking out to the public. I have to agree with the other reviewer on this film. Matt Damon seems to have lost his passion for acting in this movie or maybe he was playing safe so not to lose funding for future movies he wants to make. It is just hard to believe that Matt Damon's character all of sudden grows a conscience after being promoted to a VP position. Or how someone who excels as one of the top lease signers for his company could sound like such a bumbling newbie when talking to the public regarding his companies intentions. There is a surprising twist but I understand how companies i.e. chemical, utility or mining companies will do anything to get their way. This movie could have delivered a harder impact on such an important subject. I look forward to reading your reviews and happy movie watching.
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Promised Land

By peppigreco2
Written October 28, 2014
We found this movie a most enlightening. We are originally from WV, and upon returning to visit we have been shocked at what we have seen and the massive destruction which "fracking" is doing to the land and to the state. Between the gas companies and coal mining they have destroyed much of the state and water supply. The movie is about as true as it can get. A great example of what money can do . The actors were super in portraying the scenario of corporate conglomerates and their tactics of gobbling up the less fortunate, uneducated people to destroy the environment. Very good movie. A must see for anyone that loves this earth.
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Very entertaining and educational

By thepenster
Written October 05, 2015
We enjoyed this film very much. Matt Damon does his usual good job of acting in a convincing fashion, and the other actors are very good also. The story is fairly compelling and does have a "message", but it doesn't beat you over the head. The scenery is lovely, and if you grew up on a farm it can be nostalgic. If you're a city mouse, get to know the rest of the country. Worth your money, but probably just as good on a DVD.
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so good didn't leave to take a ****

By cumEater
Written January 04, 2013
movie was pretty good. had the nachos at the amc council bluffs and good thing i got the oversized pop. got the ***** butt didn't want to leave the flick. overfilled but mostly got it in teh cup.
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