Plot thin

By revclaus
Written March 24, 2017
One of those activist movies (don't get me wrong, I'm an activist too!), but it wasn't interesting enough to suit me. I love Matt Damon, but I think his talents were wasted on this one.
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Don't waste your money on this film.

By Yeller Dawg
Written December 10, 2016
Your seeing this movie in previews on television and in theater trailers and wondering what is about? Well here, I will sum it up for you. It is about big business's trying to move into a community to force it's residence out because they believe it is a natural gas resource and doing so by all out lying to the people. I can't believe I actually stayed a wake for this hunk of garbage. I will give you my attention grabbing lines for this film. "Matt Damon has never been worse", "Frances McDormant is a careless A-hole", "Hal Holbrook turns in a mesmerizing performance as Frank Yates" and "Sure to be a Razzie nominee. Don't waste your money on Promised Land. You will be wishing you can have your time and money back.
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Uhhhh... what ?

By shaqoneal
Written July 23, 2016
I honestly could not find a solid 10 mins or more in this movie to be "fufilling" or even somewhat entertaining. All jokes were predictable and the funniest stuff was the pickup line in the bar (which you can see for free in the trailer). Don't bother. If you like Matt, then wait for DVD or Netflix streaming. Full price is a rip off for this one.
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Too many cliches

By DCLaxfan
Written April 30, 2017
Promised Land is a good movie for understanding the many sides of the natural gas fracking issue. Unfortunately, the movie is laced with cliches, from the big bad corporate entity to the frumpy old retired scientist returned to his childhood home. The ending plot twist, while a complete surprise, is so unbelievable as to actually be a letdown. Matt Damon gives his usual fine "earnest guy" portrayal and the movie does offer an interesting insight into a rural America that is quickly ending. But, I was expecting a lot better plot line that what the movie gave.
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If You Don't Take A Stand....

By Meriweather
Written May 26, 2017
will you inspire discussion, debate and an exchange of ideas? Promised Land pretends that it isn't taking sides, and, as a result it may not be as interesting as it might be. The ways to manipulate "us" are clearly outlined, the actors do a creditable job with the script, and the question about how far corporations in America are allowed to go, although clearly defined, are not addressed. In fact, there's not really a question, just a sorry outcome. The movie's message seems to be that no matter how far we, as consumers go, the corporation will go further, and we will always end up on the short end of the bargin. There is always another patsy to take a corporate sales position and sell us a bill of goods. At a time when we are all asking questions about these things, would it have been a welcome challenge to have something that inspired us to find answers, rather than just another vehicle to showcase the vast talents of Matt Damon?
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