Promised Land

By maribob
Written September 22, 2014
Thought it to be a good movie. Good information about fracking. I could not figure why they would cast Francis McDormand as Sue. She was very blah as this character. I thought Matt Damon lived up to his character. Nice afternoon. Nothing amazing though.
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By Dmh766
Written July 11, 2013
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I liked it

By Ritarneo
Written October 26, 2014
I liked this movie becasue it is a gentle movie- no violence, no gore, no sex so okay for kids but there is some minimal launguage if I remember correctly. Acting is great. Story is okay. I thought it was interesting. Not a movie that you will walk out of thinking "this has changed my life." But for entertainment it was interesting, intelligent and easy on the eyes. Not a hard core anti-fracking movie either - just enough to make you think.
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This movie was no Silkwood, Good Will Hunting or Gasland; it was a safe way to get the message about fracking out to the public.

By Joliet Movie Critic
Written January 06, 2013
This movie was no Silkwood, Good Will Hunting or Gasland, it was safe way to get the message about fracking out to the public. I have to agree with the other reviewer on this film. Matt Damon seems to have lost his passion for acting in this movie or maybe he was playing safe so not to lose funding for future movies he wants to make. It is just hard to believe that Matt Damon's character all of sudden grows a conscience after being promoted to a VP position. Or how someone who excels as one of the top lease signers for his company could sound like such a bumbling newbie when talking to the public regarding his companies intentions. There is a surprising twist but I understand how companies i.e. chemical, utility or mining companies will do anything to get their way. This movie could have delivered a harder impact on such an important subject. I look forward to reading your reviews and happy movie watching.
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Promised Land

By peppigreco2
Written October 28, 2014
We found this movie a most enlightening. We are originally from WV, and upon returning to visit we have been shocked at what we have seen and the massive destruction which "fracking" is doing to the land and to the state. Between the gas companies and coal mining they have destroyed much of the state and water supply. The movie is about as true as it can get. A great example of what money can do . The actors were super in portraying the scenario of corporate conglomerates and their tactics of gobbling up the less fortunate, uneducated people to destroy the environment. Very good movie. A must see for anyone that loves this earth.
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