If You Don't Take A Stand....

By Meriweather
Written January 16, 2017
will you inspire discussion, debate and an exchange of ideas? Promised Land pretends that it isn't taking sides, and, as a result it may not be as interesting as it might be. The ways to manipulate "us" are clearly outlined, the actors do a creditable job with the script, and the question about how far corporations in America are allowed to go, although clearly defined, are not addressed. In fact, there's not really a question, just a sorry outcome. The movie's message seems to be that no matter how far we, as consumers go, the corporation will go further, and we will always end up on the short end of the bargin. There is always another patsy to take a corporate sales position and sell us a bill of goods. At a time when we are all asking questions about these things, would it have been a welcome challenge to have something that inspired us to find answers, rather than just another vehicle to showcase the vast talents of Matt Damon?
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Clever but moralizing

By Scots_Rancher
Written July 25, 2016
Big business seals deals regardless of who gets hurt, who gets trampled, and what the outcome is for years ... I did feel like it was written by a smug, tree hugging Hollywood executive as an educational film ... lots of moral themes the greatest of which is that big business and "f-you money" as Matt Damon's character called it, will destroy our ability to produce safe food and to have safe water.
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Promise Land

By robinson24
Written October 24, 2016
A movie with Matt Damon always seems to be a win win movie with him as as an actor and the story line; with this movie it is much the same. Being retired from the oil and gas profession I could see somewhat of a reality with the storyline mixed with a love Steve Butler had for the small town atmosphere as well as a connection with the girl he met. I did feel anger when the so called environmentalist did the demonstrationin the class room, as being from the oil and gas community I knew it was just wrong and almost an insult. My biggest criticism is Matt Damon is a very likeable character which I am sure he is both on and off the screen, however some of the language he uses changes the projection somewhat. I beieve if we are to set an example for our children certainly the Lord's name in vain should be eliminated from the movie as well as other disrespectful slang. Over all I thought it was a very good movie and very much enjoyed. Four thumbs up here on a scale of five.
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By geoelevation25
Written August 26, 2016
Damon pulls off a good performance as well as Krasinski but Promised Land also falls into strong depths of badly written scenes and flat out boredom. However it was still an interesting film to watch especially because of it's fresh drama
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Promised Land

By Sj aol
Written August 31, 2016
A well-made film with an attractive cast that makes a case against the fracking extraction of domestic natural gas. The case is made in the context of dishonest manipulation by an immensely wealthy corporation, but without discussion of the brief mention in the credits of film financing from Abu Dhabi, a major oil exporter. Until/unless the credits are altered to give full direct dislosure & discussion of the financing I recommend against the film.
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