More than an Environmentalist Manifesto

By pedsarq
Written December 29, 2012
It's about a small town that becomes the target of a natural gas company and is on the brink of selling itself for millions. The problem is, the small town is beautiful and it's home. Will all that fracking hurt? The answer is obvious to the audience, but Matt Damon, Francis MacDormand, and John Krasinski do a great job and make this about human stories and the relationships that make life worth living. The movie (and story) is flawed and often sounds like preaching, but there's enough to keep things interesting throughout. I recommend it for those who like small town stories.
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Promised Landing To DVD

By Darkola
Written January 06, 2013
Matt Damon, as always, did a great job in this movie, he never seems to disappoint with his acting, no matter what role is thrown at him, and the story itself is a good story about a company coming into a farm town to try and secure rights for drilling for natural gas, the money folk could make off of it, but also the damage it could do to the land, but its not an over the top story, and thats what holds this movie back. There is nothing throughout this movie that jumps out at you and says "WOW", nothing that shows there was much put into it as far as action, which its not an action movie, nor nothing showing it was an expensive movie to make either. I could have easily seen this on tv for a made for tv movie, and dont feel its worth really seeing at the show for what tickets and popcorn and things cost these days. I myself wold give this 2 1/2 stars out of 4 myself, but would wait for the DVD to come out to see this one ... Enjoy :)
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By fun-at-the-movies
Written January 04, 2013
This movie is soooo boring and preachy - obviously the movie makers had an agenda and didn't really care about much else - Damon is so BAD and the rest of the cast is sleep walking- probably Damon's worst film ever - although he has had several really bad ones lately - typically small town vs the big, bad evil company which Hollywood does 15 times a year, although usually much better than this one - put me to sleep
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Promised Land - a Flop

Written January 06, 2013
Very boring, can't find anything really good to say about the movie and to me it is quite misleading as to what the plot is suppose to represent... save you're money..
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Uhhhh... what ?

By shaqoneal
Written January 04, 2013
I honestly could not find a solid 10 mins or more in this movie to be "fufilling" or even somewhat entertaining. All jokes were predictable and the funniest stuff was the pickup line in the bar (which you can see for free in the trailer). Don't bother. If you like Matt, then wait for DVD or Netflix streaming. Full price is a rip off for this one.
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